canvas stretching for beginners

Have you anytime thought how a beautiful painting ends up on a canvas? It is quite interesting. The killer combination of best craftsmanship with right skills is what behind that canvas painting hanging in your living room. The result you see there comes from proper canvas stretching. Canvas stretching is the process where a canvas is stretched and mounted on the frame which is then used to beautify the space.

Things you need to stretch your canvas

Before getting ahead with the canvas stretching process, you are required to have a few things handy. They are:

  • Getting your frame. You can either go for a standard one or create a custom one using some wood.
  • Get a mallet instead of a hammer.
  • Staple gun or thumbtacks

Guide to stretch the canvas

The canvas stretching process involves a few steps. You need to follow them to get the best result in the end.

  1. Inspect the canvas & stretch bar

It would be better to check the canvas and the stretch bar first. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Look for any broken parts or bends in your stretch bar. In case you find any issues, it would be better to replace them with another one to avoid any distortions. Lay the canvas on the floor and check for any problems on it too.

Once you are sure that there are no issues with both the things, you can proceed with the second step.

  1. Align the frame and canvas

To begin with, lay the canvas on the floor with its back facing down. Now place the frame on top of the canvas. Place the frame in a way that the flat side is touching the canvas. The frame should be placed in a way that all the edges of the canvas are equally accessible from sides of the frame. Make small adjustments for precise measurement and ensure the frame is aligned in the center.

  1. Keep checking the alignment of the canvas

Before you fix the two opposite sides of the canvas to the frame, it is important that you flip the canvas and keep checking if its alignment is correct or not. This is important to ensure that the canvas is always center aligned. Any mistake can lead you to rework.

  1. Tighten the canvas to the frame with thumbtacks

Once you are sure that the canvas is placed properly on the frame, then it is time to tighten the thumbtack that you have placed halfway. You need to tap them one by one using a mallet. You can also use a staple gun instead of thumbtack to fix the canvas properly to the frame.

  1. Check the stretch on the canvas

Once you have tightened the canvas using the thumbtacks or staple gun, flip the canvas to check the stretch. Make sure it is tightly placed on the frame and the alignment is proper too. If you feel things are not proper, you can simply remove the thumbtacks or the staple and realign frame and canvas. Always keep a staple lifter handy to remove the staples.

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