Crittall windows are loved by interior designers and architects. The reason is simple – they are practical yet never out of style. Apart from just being used to build windows, Crittall glass solutions can be added to your space for more things.  

What Are Crittall Windows?

Crittall Windows got its name from the Crittall family who introduced windows with metal frames to Britan. Light steel frames were used in making these windows and doors and soon they took up the limelight by surpassing other framing choices. With time, steel frames have been replaced by aluminium frames as they are said to offer the same kind of look, feel and finish to the windows.

How To Style Crittall Windows?

Try something personal

Over the years, Crittall frames have been used differently as per the imagination of the people. Whether you need to have them as windows or home extensions or partitions, Crittall windows are said to have played an effective role. When done right, they give you an opportunity to express your style and character. Use your imagination to create frames that suit your room or hallway or doorway.

Bring in more light

Many people want to bring in more light to their interiors and this becomes hard when you have old property with fewer windows. Install Crittall glass screens on the walls or ceiling to brighten up the room and allow light to pass through it. Apart from being the source of natural light, Crittall glass works as a stylish element that will enhance the look of your home.

Add some colour

Just like any other furniture accessory in your room, you can also have Crittall Windows in your choice of coloured frame. This is because the frames of these windows are made of metal. You can also set contrast colours for your windows or have lighter and darker shades of colours for your interior and exterior window frames respectively.

How Can I Use Crittall Glazing In My Home?

Crittall glass can be installed in homes for various purposes apart from just fixing in as windows.

  1. You can create soft partition for your living space by opting for Crittall glass dividers.
  2. You can boost light in your rooms and hallways by installing internal glass windows.
  3. You can separate the wet areas in your bathroom space using Crittall glass partitions or by adding a Crittall glass door.
  4. Crittall glass can be used to design stylish cupboards and storage spaces in your kitchen area.
  5. You can brighten up your basement area and turn the area more welcoming by adding in Crittall glass sections.
  6. You can create an extension to your living space or kitchen using Crittall glass solutions.


Crittall glass windows were once in huge demand. They represented the change towards modernity and in 1920s more people went for this option to style up their homes. Crittall glass windows made a comeback few years back. Apart from bringing in more natural light, it lets you create a sense of larger space within your homes. If you wish to invest in a good Crittall window for your home or other commercial space, just get in touch with us.