When planning your gym or dance studio, one of the key investments to make is to go for the right gym mirror. A good gym mirror helps the clients to see their form and make improvements as needed.

A variety of gym mirrors are available on the market. You can find different types of gym mirrors in varying sizes, styles, and materials. To make sure you find the right mirror solution for your gym in London, you need to follow the right gym mirror guide.

Buying a gym mirror in London? – Things to consider

Choosing the right gym mirror is not about selecting some furniture for your home or office. You need to be clear about what you want.

Size of your wall

The first thing you need to look at is the size of the wall where you plan to mount your mirror. You can either get a standard-size mirror i.e. 6 feet one installed or go for a bespoke one designed.

Acrylic or glass

Gym mirrors are generally developed using two types of materials. If you want to have a gym mirror that can be shaped as per your bespoke need then you should go for an acrylic mirror. If you are looking for the best reflection, then it would be better to choose a glass mirror.

Mirror thickness

The next thing to consider is the thickness of the mirror. As the thickness increases, it will become stronger. Acrylic mirrors that are thin are more prone to flexing. This means you should consider a mirror which is either 3mm or 5mm in thickness and not lower than that.

Installation method

Gym mirrors must be installed with high precision. This means you will require professional installation services from experts for the job. Right from getting the mirror installed to following the post-installation care, when done right, will enhance the life of the mirror and maintain its condition for the years to come.

Conclusion:- Gym mirrors are a basic yet indispensable part of gyms and dance studios. Apart from offering visual overview it creates a motivating environment for the users. It helps the user to enhance their performance and works as a key tool to boost the workout experience. So, when investing in a gym mirror, it is important to follow a few tips that can help you make the right choice.


Should I install mirrors in my home gym? Yes. Apart from offering you spatial awareness, gym mirrors work as good reference point when exercising. It will also save you from feeling claustrophobic if your gym space is small by creating an illusion of larger space.

What type of mirrors should be opted for gym space? Generally, frameless mirrors, also called ‘Activity Mirror’ are used for gym spaces. These mirrors make use of laminated or tempered glass which resists it from breaking into large and sharp pieces. They are majorly resistant to impact and when broken, will break into safe small round pieces.

How to choose a mirror for your gym? You need to choose a mirror that is durable and sturdy that can withstand any heavy impact. Depending on the availability of the space, you can either have a wall mount or portable mirrors for your gym.