Facades Glass

The landscape of Stanmore is transforming and now you can find many high-rise buildings taking up the space. One of the most attractive parts of such buildings is the look they have got from the use of materials like facade glass. Facade glass brings in added functionality and elegance making it the perfect choice for many developers.

Going for facade glass for high-rise brings in several advantages and some of them has been listed below:

  • Aesthetics

Facade glass offers a clean and sleek look to high-rise buildings in Stanmore apart from enhancing its aesthetics. You can give life to your creativity in terms of building unique structures and shapes which is not possible with traditional building ways.

  • Energy efficiency

Glass facades are designed in a way to keep the indoor space warm in winter and cool in summer. This will keep energy costs low while enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Natural light

Facade glass is transparent which allows natural light to pass through it. This reduces the requirement of having artificial light while making the place brighter and airier. This will enhance the inner environment of space while reducing energy costs.

  • Views

Facade glass reduces the difference between the indoor and outdoor space by being transparent. It can be opted for buildings that have scenic views in the area. Moreover, it can be ideal where buildings have small spaces that can feel claustrophobic.

  • Boosts property value

Installing facade glass pieces enhances the look and feel of the building. This makes it attractive for people interested in investing in real estate.

  • Sustainability

Facade glass is designed in a way that it stabilizes temperature of the indoor space as per the outer climatic conditions. It is generally made using recycled materials which makes them highly sustainable.


As more high-rise buildings are investing in aesthetics and usability, thinking about choosing facade glass materials for buildings makes complete sense. Dev Enterprise is a leading facade glass provider in Stanmore that has served many clients with top-notch glass solutions at affordable rates. When it comes to serving high-rise buildings, we have the knack of delivering tailored solutions.